SXAPI Documentation

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This is the main documentation for the sxapi-core project. For more information you can visit the sxapi-core github project.

the sxapi project

sxapi for simple and extensible api (Application Programming Interface) is an an open-source framework for quickly building simple and small API based on microservice architecture.

Very light (application less than 100Ko, full container stack for less than 30Mo) and configured with a single json file, you can build instantly small atomic API endpoints as well as fully featured enterprise-sized API.

Getting started User guides

sxapi could be used in 3 ways : container, npm module or from source code. You will find a user guide for each one of these usage in the following sections :

Step by step guides

  1. Install you sxapi with the installation guide
  2. Configure your own API following the configuration guide
  3. Execute your application using the running application guide
  4. Extend application capacity with the developping guide
  5. Participate to this open-source project according to the contributing guide
  6. Execute application using the sxapi operator guide

API documentation

Core components

Core components are all loaded and available when the application start. You can find usefull informations in core component documentation

Resources components

Resource components are loaded if defined in the configuration profile. You can find usefull informations in resource documentation

  • aws_s3 resource : Interact with an Amazon WebService S3 backend
  • aws_sqs resource : Interact with an Amazon WebService SQS backend
  • aws_dynamodb resource : Interact with an Amazon WebService DynamoDB backend
  • couchbase resource : Interact with a Couchbase cluster
  • google resource : Interact with Google API backend
  • http resource : Interact with any http webserver
  • mysql resource : Interact with a mysql or mariadb server
  • postgres resource : Interact with a PostgresQL server
  • redis resource : Interact with a redis backend
  • memcache resource : Interact with a memcache server
  • serviceinfo resource : Access application details
  • swagger resource : Return swagger manifests
  • localfs resource : Interact with a the application host (or container) local file-system
  • twitter resource : Interact with the twitter API and receive tweet streams


Read the contributing guide for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


This project is mainly developped by the startx dev team. You can see the complete list of contributors who participated in this project by reading


This project is licensed under the GPL Version 3 - see the LICENCE file for details